Top 10 dangerous trek and fort in Maharashtra


“The most dangerous monsoon excursions in Maharashtra encompass a high proclivity for landslides, rockslides, treacherous terrain, surging throngs, and blinding blizzards. These junctures can proffer moments of acute disquietude to explorers, for they are occasionally shrouded in an aura of uncertainty. The most disconcerting aspect is when individuals embark on these odysseys with only the vaguest notions of what to anticipate. This editorial will endow you with an insight into the inherent hazards associated with each expedition, allowing you to deliberate on the wisdom of partaking in them.

Here are some dangerous trek and fort in Maharashtra

Dhak Bahiri Trek – The Most Formidable Expedition in Monsoonal Karjat
The Dhak Bahiri Trek in Karjat is unequivocally one of the most treacherous monsoon sojourns in Maharashtra, traversing some of the most awe-inspiring vistas. It entails a laborious ascent lasting 6 to 7 hours, often entailing an ascent up steep gradients coated in precarious scree where a single misstep might precipitate a perilous descent down the mountainside. Along the course of this expedition, one must negotiate cavernous recesses, meandering pathways, and treacherously slick surfaces, imbuing it with a palpable degree of peril for the unwary. The pièce de résistance of this voyage is the attainment of Dhak Bahiri Caves’ zenith, which commands a vantage over the valley. This vista alone bestows a sense of fulfillment on your journey! It is imperative to remain vigilant for the specter of landslides and rockslides during the monsoon escapades.

Pro Tip: Enlist the services of a trekking agency equipped with a proficient technical cadre and mountaineering accoutrements. They will oversee the difficulty level and ensure your security, ensuring the safe consummation of your expedition. This Dhak Bahiri Cave odyssey is optimally undertaken in the vicinity of the winter season.

dangerous fort in Maharashtra

Adventurous Bhimashankar Trek via Shidi Ghat
The Bhimashankar Trek via Shidi Ghat embodies an adventure. Its initiation transpires at Shidi Ghat, culminating at Bhimashanker and necessitating an investment of four to six hours. This peregrination endows participants with breathtaking vistas of Padargad and is feasible even in the wintry season. Alternately, two alternative routes beckon: one, a less demanding albeit more protracted route known as Ganesh Ghat, and another, a shorter Bhor Giri path in closer proximity to Pune. Alternatively, one can choose to motor to Bhimashankar.

On weekends, this excursion ensnares multitudes of Indian trekkers from across Maharashtra. During the month of Shravan, it also morphs into a pilgrimage destination for numerous. Most pilgrims opt for the ascent from Ganesh Ghat in the company of comrades and kin, a journey spanning approximately six hours. Vigilance is warranted if Shidi Ghat is abuzz with a throng, as it is susceptible to rockslides. Local inhabitants will apprise you of this perilous route and encourage the selection of Ganesh Ghat. The presence of ladders in certain sections of the rocky precipices has rendered this section somewhat more secure and navigable. Robust trekking footwear, such as campus trekking shoes, are indispensable since the entire route may be veneered with slippery surfaces. The inclusion of a rope is imperative to aid novices in negotiating specific segments of the ascent.

dangerous fort in Maharashtra

Pro Tip: Weekends should be avoided due to the considerable influx of hikers on both the trail and at Bhimashankar, given its accessibility by road. For neophyte trekkers, the Ganesh Ghat route is recommended. Although lengthier, it is accompanied by a more gratifying assortment of eateries for rejuvenation and refreshments.

Adventurous Jivdhan Fort Trek
The sojourn to Jivdhan Fort in the vicinity of Naneghat encompasses all that an aficionado of mountainous landscapes might covet. It unfolds as a stimulating, enjoyable, and picturesque expedition, featuring a diverse tapestry of terrains. The route traverses craggy summits leading to the fortress, which treats beholders to an enchanting inversion waterfall, Naneghat, and resplendent valleys below. Seasoned trekkers can accomplish this taxing yet rewarding undertaking from Naneghat to Jivdhan Fort within a solitary day. En route, one might encounter sundry impediments such as slick rock faces, intricate rock-cut sections, or even instances of enshrouding whiteout conditions. Caution is advised when monsoonal downpours are copious; it is prudent to abstain from this trek during the phase encompassing the rock-cut segments. The force of water currents can become overwhelming, precipitating a whiteout scenario atop the fortress. Engaging a local guide is indispensable to avert becoming disoriented during this undertaking, particularly when visibility is significantly compromised amid the monsoonal deluge.

Pro Tip: This expedition is most judiciously embarked upon subsequent to the monsoon season, affording spectators the spectacle of Sonki blossoms blanketing the plateau in a resplendent cloak of golden hues. Furthermore, this period bestows an added measure of safety for the ascent, particularly during the winter season.

Kalavantin Durg Trek – The Most Perilous Jaunt in Monsoonal Mumbai
The Kalavantin Durg Trek represents a one-day adventure through the craggy mountainous expanse of Raigad District. This journey unfurls before you a panorama of awe-inspiring landscapes, intermingled with perils that materialize with every stride. Confronted with the task of ascending rock-cut steps that hang precipitously on one side, bereft of protective barriers, trekkers might feel the ground slipping from beneath them. Weekends witness an influx of thousands of mountaineers surmounting these peaks, fostering congestion and a hazardous ambiance for those venturing along the incline. The endeavor requires constant vigilance to maintain balance on paths hewn from slippery rock surfaces, often obscured by moss and detritus left in the wake of recent downpours. The voyage exposes participants to capricious weather patterns, from torrential downpours to fog-draped obscurity and the turbulent throngs determined to attain the summit with all possible speed. Hence, it is prudent to equip oneself for an array of circumstances!

Pro Tip: The Kalavantin Durg Trek is most astutely undertaken during weekdays when the footfall is relatively sparse. Prior to embarking on your next escapade, make comprehensive preparations for potential natural or human-induced crises, while scrutinizing your gear and conferring with your loved ones.

dangerous fort in Maharashtra

Harihar Fort Trek – The Most Hazardous Monsoon Sojourn in Maharashtra
Harihar Fort stands out as one of the most arduous treks in the Indian subcontinent. This trek unfolds upon a lofty, precipitous mountainside, demanding a commendable level of physical fitness for successful completion. It mandates adept navigation of intricate rock-cut steps, along with the imperative avoidance of slips on treacherous rock surfaces and the unsettling prospect of being enveloped by blinding whiteout conditions. Participants must brace themselves for a series of formidable challenges!

Pro Tip: The optimal strategy is to undertake the Harihar Trek on weekdays to elude the congregations. Although handholds are incorporated into the rock-cut steps for support during the ascent and descent, the formidable crowds can complicate matters on weekends. Fellow trekkers are often gripped by haste, attempting precarious overtaking maneuvers or pausing for ill-advised selfies at inopportune locations.

Monsoon Trekking and the Imperative of Safety
The monsoon trekking season has descended upon us, and it is incumbent upon us to underscore the paramount importance of safety. Vigilance must be exercised in meticulous planning, the dissemination of information regarding your destination to family members, scrutiny of prevailing meteorological conditions prior to embarking, adherence to the donning of appropriate trekking attire, investment in robust trekking footwear, and the judicious selection of an esteemed trekking company replete with provisions for handling exigencies. Exercise prudence and refrain from contracting with third-party aggregator platforms, as they prioritize profit maximization over the assurance of your safety.

dangerous fort in Maharashtra

Trek Leader

Exercise prudence in the selection of your trekking operator, exercising discernment by perusing reviews, examining websites, considering affiliations, and soliciting feedback from acquaintances and family. Shun monsoon trekking groups of recent inception, as they typically lack the requisite trekking equipment, well-trained guides, and the services of full-time trek leaders. They are wont to select the most economical bus operators and local guides for route guidance. Such groups often materialize during the monsoon to augment their ancillary income. These upstart monsoon trekking groups lean on trekking clubs for numerical strength, local connections, rescue operations, and bus transportation. Entrust not your safety to chance by enlisting with a group that has commenced trekking activities after only two or three outings.”

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